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Robots can play in the 2050 FIFA World Cup.

In RoboCup, humans leave the sector before the beginning of the football

For football fans round the world, the top of the game is that the World Cup final. But what if that game is ultimately just a prelude to the sport between the simplest humans and therefore the best robots?

This may sound far-fetched, but this is often the goal of a corporation that has been hosting the annual Global Robot Football Championship since 1997.

The Robot Soccer World Cup or RoboCup was founded by a gaggle of robotics scientists who set an ambitious goal for themselves.

“By the center of the 21st century, a totally autonomous humanoid robot footballer will win a football match. this is often in line with the [Football governing body] FIFA’s official rules to compete for the championship of the foremost recent World Cup.”

The RoboCup team has used humanoid robots with advanced AI (AI) software systems to enable them to form their own decisions. Like whether to shoot or pass the ball.

But, by 2050, will these robots be enough to defeat the human team that won the planet Cup?

Peter Stone, chairman of RoboCup and professor of computing at the University of Texas at Austin, said: “This is in fact reasonable. I do not bet an excessive amount of, but i do not bet an excessive amount of”. Peter Stone said that significant progress has been made within the past 20 years. But “there remains an extended thanks to go.”

However, the main focus that plays football.

“A [challenge] is to create a robot that can move as fast and easily as a person’s Beckham, or kick a ball and change direction,” said Professor Stone. Cyrus could be a team of AI and robotics staff and students from Dalhousie University in Canada. Today, Amazon Robotics runs thousands of robots in Amazon. Warehouses round the world to assist collect and type orders and deliver them.

“The robot movement and kicking technology he developed. RoboCup is that the technology that promotes the event of Amazon Robotics,” said Professor Stone.

“Bringing together several experts from around the world and therefore the most creative tech expert, works for his passion. Resulting in a good diary of other great things along with other influential influences”. Should the simplest human footballer within the world be worried?

For some people, robots in sports have had a really different impact.

In June, American robotics company OhmniLabs and automaker Volkswagen launched Champ. A telepresence robot with a two-way TV screen, speakers, and microphone which will be connected to people in another location. Champ allows Luna Perrone to remotely watch football matches and meet American women’s football players

Seizing this moment requires very quick action. This usually requires tons of intuition, trust, nonverbal and verbal communication between team members.

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