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35 HIGH–TECH FACTS you need to know


A modern cell pone has MORE COMPUTING POWER than ALL OF NASA DID IN 1969 when the United States sent men to the moon.


Some cars and trains use vegetable oil as an alternative fuel source, but the future may be in beef. A train running between Okla-homa and Texas, U.S.A., is using BEEF FAT FOR FUEL!


EMILY, OR THE EMERGENCY INTEGATED LIFESAVING LANYARD, is a robot that may one save lives at beaches. She is 15 TIMES FASTER than human lifeguards.


Using PADAR SENSORS AND VIDEO CAMERAS, Google and other companies are designing CARS THAT DRIVE THEMSELVES.


eLDGS allows some wheelchair-bound people to walk, the user’s crutches send signals about where the person wants to go, and the FITTD ROVOTIC LEGS carry then there.


After the money-making success of AVATAR, EVRY-THING WENT 3D- including phones, One kind of cell phone lets you make videos in 3D.


SEE YA REMOTE! Many toy cars, helicopters, and planes can now be CONTROLLED WITH SMART PHONES.


A special rubber wrist band can track how many steps you take in a day and how many hours you sleep. If you haven’t been active for a while, it VIBRATES TO REMIND YOU TO GET MOVING!


Within the NEXT 30 YEARS, people may be wearing contact lenses that allow them to PULL UP INFORMATION from the Internet when they BLINK THEIR EYE.


More than FOUR MILLION APPLE IPHONE 4S devices were sold the first weekend they were released in October 2011.


FLYBOARD is a WATERPROOF JETPACK that lets you dive in and out of the water like a dolphin . You can leap more than 30 FEET ( 9.1 M ) ABOVE THE WATER.


Companies are designing cars , refrigerators , and subway platform train schedules that use the same INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY as your smart phone touch screen.


One day , LAPTOPS will roll up like a YOGA MAT.


GAMING DEVICES will soon get even more interactive. You won’t just tilt your game to make it move, YOU’LL TWIST IT Upcoming models are FLEXIBLE, LIKE RUBBER.


Engineers are working on SPECIAL EYEGLASSES that will INSTANTLY TRANSLATE FOREIGN LANGUAGES and provide a transcript for the user to read.


Future cell phones are going to be as THIN AS A Mastercard AND BENDABLE.


Upcoming IPODS are going to be worn on your wrist and appearance sort of a BRACELET.


CELL PHONES accustomed be the dimensions OF A BRICK.


Besides the FIRST SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL COMPUTER, STEVE JOBS was involved in the creation of the iPhone, the iPad, iTunes , and Pixar , the animators of Toy Story .


AIDA (Affective Intelligent Driving Assistant ) is a dashboard computer that works like a GPS but also can scan your face to read emotion . Its comments try to suit your mood.


In the near future, CARS MAY PARK THEMSELVES and COME PICK YOU UP when you press a button on your phone.


Researchers are looking to HARNESS ENERGY created from the OCEANS’ WAVES AND TIDES TO POWER CITIES.


People can now USE THEIR PHONE at the checkout INSTEAD OF DERIT CARDS OR CASH.


Scientists USE LASERS TO CALCULATE DISTANCES. They even BOUNCED A LASER BEAM OFF THE MOON to measure the distance between it and Earth.


KEVLAR, a flexible fabric that is FIVE TIMES STRONGER THAN STEEL, is used for bulletproof vests, tennis rackets, helmets, and skateboards.


SHARK SCALES are designed for FAST SWIMMING. Scientists studied the fish to make swimsuit materials which will INCREASE SWIMMERS SPEEDS.


NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT of individuals in MOROCCO AND ICELAND have Internet access MAKING these countries the world’s most WIRED.


More than FIVE BILLION of the world’s SEVEN BILLION people have CELL PHONES


In the United States. almost 197 BILLION TEXTS are sent EVERY MONTH.


A dictionary definition of the verb “TWITTER” IS “TO TALK IN A CHATTERING FASHION”.


Someday, OUR ” SHOES MAY POWER OUR CELL PHONES. An early version using rubber boots CONVERIS THE NEARER’S HEAT into current to charge a clipped-on phone.


the common user on FACEBOOK has 130 ” FRIENDS”.


Surfers can now wear WET SUITS with a pull cord that inflates a suit to BRING A SURFER TO THE SURFACE IN SECONDS.


Some people who have had a brain trauma and can’t speak have a brain chip that lets them move a computer’s cursor WITH THEIR THOUGHTS to email or surf the Web.


In a Florida, U.S.A., school, kids don’t pay cash for lunch. Each kid waves his hand over a sensor that detects a unique VEIN PATTERN and bills that kid’s account.

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