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Bitcoin’s Recent Volatility Has Been thanks to Public Statements by ‘Gurus’, Says Coin floor CEO Obi Nwosu

Obi Nowsu, CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange CoinFluor, wants people to make sure that Bitcoin’s current value is “in terms of historical value or volatility.” In an interview, Nausu said people must remember that Bitcoin is currently “trading at about 20% higher prices at the beginning of the year” and asked, “How many assets can it claim?”.

Regarding the recent volatility of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency. He continued to point out that most of them “all boil down to the public statements of ‘masters’ that they are not of that type. But still have the ability to manipulate the market”.

Nwosu also provided a “more meaningful point of view”-“Look at it (Bitcoin) continues to increase in value in the 13 years after its invention.” He believes that as an investor, it is important to focus on “big news”. For example, El Salvador uses Bitcoin as a bid.

Nwosu says: “Focusing on daily or monthly prices can distract attention from the technological, economic. Political developments that drive bitcoin adoption and its long-term ward upward trend.”

In an interview with Cryptogeek, Nwosu said that since last year, his company’s user base has changed, and the return of Bitcoin has helped them gain new customers. “Since we started investing in Bitcoin. We’ve seen ordinary consumers also try to find easier ways and the number has increased significantly,” he said.

But how is the technology adaptable during such price fluctuations? Nwosu stated that even “other platforms have historically had problems”. His company is still “uninterrupted”, adding. Many of our professional trader clients use us exclusively because they know our uptime record during periods of high volatility.”

When it involves finding talent within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Nwosu feels it’s a troublesome task, “especially so within the Bitcoin and exchange space”. On his company’s recruitment process, he says, “We attempt to hire people early in their crypto careers; we glance for potential and keenness, and mentor them in order that over time. They grow into the worker we would like to ascertain.”

Nowsu also talks about the trends in the cryptocurrency market which he thinks will be important in 2021. Although he thinks Bitcoin has never had a dull moment, “2021 will probably be one of the most important years in its early history, political / legal, technical and economic reasons for expansion” Politically, he said the importance of adopting El Salvador’s cryptocurrency The year cannot be assessed more than the adoption of companies and institutions like Square and MicroStrategy”.


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