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Essential PC software for windows 10

Computers and the Internet are a very important thing at the moment. People are performing anything with computers today so the need for computers is very high for us. And we need to manage all these tasks later we’ll know about some of the software we need today.


Browser is a very important thing in using computers We need a browser to use the Internet. Some of the best web browsers currently have are as follows:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now the most popular web browser. It is a very good browser for fast internet browsing. Also very good browser extensions are available on Google Web Store. You should keep google chrome on your desktop for fast internet browsing.


Opera is a multi-platform web browser that the Opera Software Company is building. It has distinguished itself from other browsers for user interfaces, functionality and other features. If you face low internet speed then you can use Opera web browser.


It was created by brave chromium web browser based on brave software company. It is free and open-source web browser. This browser blocks all ads and website trackers so you can browse the ad free web.


There is no one who has not listened FireFox browser name. This browser loses a lot of popularity in the middle but currently updating it makes it very good browsing so you can use this browsing if you want.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Browser is a very good browser for people who use Windows PC. Let’s use the Internet very quickly so you must use it to browse the internet quickly.

Audio and Video

Audio players and video players are required to listen to music and watch movies so audio and video player software is very much needed for pc to use.

VLC Media Player

It is very popular and good software for watching audio and video. Audio and video from any format can be played so you need to put this software on your PC.


It is also a very good quality audio and video player software. The interface of this software is very nice and all types of audio and video file format support in this software. You can put it on your PC if you want.

Cloud Driver

There have the possibility of a hard disk crash on our PC so we need to keep the required files in the backup or cloud so you need to have a cloud driver on your PC.

Google Drive

Google Drive is currently one of the most popular cloud driver. You can upload 15 GB of free data with a Google account. And your data is protected by Google’s High Security.

Microsoft OneDrive

Those using Windows PC can use Microsoft OneDrive and it’s very secure. 25 GB data you can upload for totally free by using outlook account. And it collects data very safely.

Dropbox Basic

Dropbox is a very popular software to keep files. It can have 2GB of data free of charge but you can use the premium version if you want. And data is inevitably very high safe.

Clean-Up/ Maintenance Utilities

Using computers for a long time keeps a lot of junk files accumulated on our PC and slowly slow down our PC. So some clean up software needs to be on your PC.

CCleaner Free

It is very important to have a CCleaner to keep space free to the your computer. This will delete unnecessary hard disk files and fast CPU performance.


It is a very excellent software to know the condition of the hard disk. This software allows you to learn about hard disk health. And you can also know about hard disk file information.

Video Calling

Today you need communicate with others for official and personal reason. So everyone need video calling software for PC.


Skype software is a very popular software for video calling. You can use it for official and personal uses. I think you should keep it on your computer.

Go ToMeeting Free

It’s a free software for video calling. Many organization and people are using it for officials meeting and conversation. You can also use it on your computer.


This is the most popular video calling software since last few months. You can use it for personal and officials conversation and meeting. Many Online classes are also using this software. This is best to keep it on your computer for video calling.


I can’t walk in one moment without an email at the present time. People are using electronic mail to send messages for various needs.


Gmail is currently the most popular Mailing system. Currently 1.5 billion active users use this mail. So Gmail seemed best to me when it came to sending mail.

Microsoft outlook.com

Microsoft outlook.com mail is very popular for users of official mail so you can use it if you want to send official messages to others.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo was once the best and most popular mailing system. But it is still quite popular with many people using it.

File Recovery and Deletion

Many important files are deleted and need to be recovered by forgetting when using a computer. So pc needs to have recovery software.


This is a free software and they have also premium version. If you delate or format any file or drive you can recover those file quickly by using Recuva software.


It’s a another free software to recover your data but the premium version is too good for file recovering. So you can keep it or try this software.

File Management

PC has to work with different types of file formats and this format requires some special software to open. Here are some software you need to keep on your pc.


7-Zip software is very popular and important to open any Zip file or RAR file. This software needs to be on your PC.


Winrar is another most and popular for extract Zip or RAR file to open. You can use it free or you can purchase it.

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