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Europe plans satellite navigation and telecommunications networks on the moon

Recently Satellite the European Space Agency is proposing to build a specific navigation system on the moon. This system will be more like our SAT-NAV technology on earth. This system will help spacecraft and astronauts to find out exactly. Where they are and land perfectly while moving around the lunar satellite. The initiative has been name Moonlight.

And this initiative will also include a telecommunication function. The company said a major flotilla of lunar missions will be launch this decade. Chief among them will be Apollo’s successor led by the US Space Agency.

Known as Project Artemis. It will put the crew on the moon for the first time in more than 50 years. We are entering a brand new phase. This systematic exploration of the moon is going to be made as our ‘eighth continent,” sai David Parker, director of human and robotic exploration at Essa.

The moon has been in our solar system for 4.5 billion years. But we have rarely been able to uncover information about the privacy of the moon. And so, Moonlight is something that scientists see as really exciting. The project is being done as a necessary infrastructure to carry out continuous exploration.

And for this project, Essa has allowed two European industrial consortiums to model. What an integrated sat-nav and telecom system will look like on the moon. And it will include at least three constellations. But perhaps even more, positioning-and-relay satellites to give global coverage, and perhaps even some surface beacons to increase the accuracy of navigation signals.

The company’s goal at the moment is to enable the constellation to allow 100 m accuracy and is likely to yield better results. The company is capable of going 30 meters in the first instance,” explained Paul Verhoef, director of Essar Navigation.

Moonlight is believe to be at the feasibility stage at the moment. Which is known as phase A/B1 research in art-speak. Consortia will share their thoughts on the technology required for reporting from ESA. And then they will make proposals before the European Research Ministers. A consortium will be led by UK small satellite manufacturer Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

Another group is the Italian space system company Telespazio they will also be involv in this mission. As one of its teams and members, London-based Inmarsat. The world’s best company in satellite telecommunications for ongoing applications such as ships and aircraft.

The idea of sending spacecraft to the moon this decade will help countries. Companies to de-risk their initiatives on the ESA network and reduce their costs. And it will make remote operations of the rover and telescopes. The far end of the moon is much easier than on Earth. The system will bring back very high data frequency to Earth.

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