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Google I/O 2021 Announcements

Google’s developer conference was canceled last year due to the Corona epidemic. This year Google I/O has made several new announcements. And has come up with some special updates for those who use products that have caught everyone’s attention. This year Google shared these things through online live.

*Inclusive camera.

*The Android 12.

*AI-curated albums.

*Smart Canvas.

*In 3D video conferencing.

*On Google AI to help identify skin conditions.

More inclusive camera

Google I/O 2021 Announcements
Image Credit: GOOGLE

Google has always thought of doing something new with cameras. This year Google revealed that it is building a smartphone camera that will be able to more accurately absorb skin tones “Photography for people of color has not always looked at us like we would like to see, even in some of our own products,” says Google’s Sameer Samat.

The Google wants them to change the auto white balance adjustment to “remove natural brown tones”. The company said it is also working on new algorithms to better separate the issue from the background. The camera will be manufactured on mobile. The new Google Pixel and will be released later this year.

Android 12

Google I/O 2021 Announcements
Image Credit: GOOGLE

Google’s latest operating system is being update to Android 11. But this year Android 12 has been announce. It is the biggest design change in android history. Previously Android Apps used to collect more data from android users but this update will include more privacy.

And the Android 12 operating system will allow users to have more control over how much information apps get from them. When the users use the app, a light on the screen will show if an app is using the device’s camera or microphone.

Google and Apple recently faced criticism over their operating system. Because the two companies have been operating most phone operating systems in the world outside China. Apple recently announced in its iOS update that will let users stop third-party apps from tracking them. So this update allows users to share and choose an approximate location instead of the correct location.

AI-curated albums

Image Credit: GOOGLE

In this update, Google will use AI to curate photos to share photos with users in a similar way to Apple and Facebook’s memory. One of the major complaints that Apple or Facebook users. When people are reminded of breakups or difficult times in their lives.

So Google has taken this into account and will allow users to remove specific images, people or periods and control which images they don’t want to see. In addition to this they are introducing another feature called “small pattern”. It will scan pictures and use AI to create albums based on similarities between them.

Smart Canvas

Image Credit: GOOGLE

Google has launche a new collaboration tool Smart Canvas in workspace this year. It will combine the docks, sheets and slides more efficiently which will provide more opportunities to users.

Rolling out for the rest of the year, smart canvas aims to ease and focus on connected data and make better use of users time. Smart canvas will further improve applications like dox, sheet and slides with new features like smart chips, templates and checklists.

3D video conferencing

Image Credit: GOOGLE

This year Google made a wonderful announcement Imagine making a video call where the person on the other side of the screen would seem real, almost as if they were really present in front of you. We are used to a flat two-dimensional video call at the moment. But a video call can do a 3D real-life version of ourselves and ourselves.

User converting a 3D hologram of themselves is not a new idea. This is a big technology that various companies have been researching. And this is the latest effort made by Google’s Project Starline. Recently, Microsoft showed its position on mixed reality with its mesh platform.

Google AI to help identify skin conditions

Image Credit: GOOGLE

Every year 10 billion customers often search to search for information about skin, hair, and nail problems. But Google Health product manager MD Peggy Bui, the technology giant’s health and wellness division, said users only find relevant information about sesame seeds on their arms or sesame seeds online.

For this problem, Google is using its artificial intelligence and will provide information to help consumers, and potential doctors according to the cure. And at Google’s annual I/O developer conference on Tuesday to diagnose skin diseases using only smartphones or digital cameras, previewed its AI-powered dermatology assist tool, a web-based application.

Users will upload three well-lit pictures of skin, hair or nail anxiety from different locations. The tool will then ask multiple questions about the user’s skin type, how long they have problems and other symptoms. It will provide a list by analyzing all these data and matching the possible solutions.

Google I/O 2021 Announcements

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