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Google returns to its office in 2022.

Google once more postponed a full return to the office, announcing that its employees can still work remotely until next year. The choice was made after similar decisions made by the company’s technology industry peers like Facebook and Amazon.

Google (GOOGL) CEO Sundar Pichai said during a report back to employees on Tuesday that a minimum of until January 10, 2022. Google (GOOGL) employees round the world got to return to the office. (This policy only applies to Google, not its parent company Alphabet, a corporation spokesperson said).

He said: “After January 10, we will enable countries and territories to decide when to complete voluntary work in a home-supported local situation. This varies greatly in our office.

The decision marks the second time in recent months that Google has postponed a full resumption of labor. It had previously postponed it from September to October – and it shows how large the reopening of mobile targets is because the delta variant of the coronavirus spreads.

The large technology companies that took the lead in sending corporate employees’ home at the start of the pandemic are now more cautious about getting them back.

Both Facebook and Amazon announced earlier this month that their employees would not have to return before January and set the lift date as Groundhog Day. Other companies, including Apple, Microsoft and Uber, are adamant about reopening in October this year.

Google has changed its policy several times, initially requiring employees to return to their pre-pandemic offices a minimum of three days every week. The other hand allowing them to use for permanent remote work or change office locations.

Google said on Tuesday that as of July 2nd, about 10,000 employees have applied to vary their work locations, of which 45% of employees seek to take care of remote work permanently, and 55% of employees want to vary offices. It added that the corporate approved 85% of the requests.

#Google returns to its office in 2022.

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