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In Canada Amazon is facing a campaign to organize workers’ unions

According to Reuters interviews with union officials, the Teamsters Union has launched a campaign to arrange employees of a minimum of nine Canadian factories of the American e-commerce company Amazon.

Earlier in the week, this influential union took the primary step to arrange employees of Amazon’s Canadian factory. Interviews revealed that it’s expanding such work nationwide. The e-commerce company has approximately 25,000 nationwide. Employees and plans to feature another 15,000 employees.

Truck drivers may see these activities as a bet that, in an additional labor-friendly market like Canada. The first success of the workers’ union will inspire similar leadership in the southern part of the border. Where Amazon has thus stopped the union’s efforts.

The latest challenge to Amazon’s anti-union stance, Edmonton’s Timstars Local Union 362, Alberta, voted Monday night in favor of union representation at a corporation supplementary center near Niskur.

Interviews with teamster units in other cities and provinces indicated that the union’s efforts extend from British Columbia. The Pacific Coast to the Canadian economic center in southern Ontario.

The Edmonton Division of Teamsters says it has enough signature cards to launch a union to pass the 0% threshold for voting.

Sleeping in their car

John Logan, a professor in the Department of Labor at San Francisco State University, said the Canadian Union vote would not have a direct impact on us. But they would increase motivation.

Union members spare no effort to determine contact with Amazon employees, sleep in their cars after shifts at the cemetery to catch employees. Establish contact at the local church.

The International Brotherhood of Truck Drivers, with quite 1 million members within the us and Canada. Has made the organization of Amazon a top priority, describing it as an “existential threat.”

Amazon doesn’t have any union facilities in North America. Teamsters is one among the few unions trying to require on the arduous task of organizing an outsized and high turnover labor pool.

“Where we see tons of support, we’ll do our greatest,” said Christopher Monette, spokesperson for the Canadian Truckers Association.

#In Canada Amazon is facing a campaign

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