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Iron Dome Air Defense Missile System

Rafael developed the Iron Dome with Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. It is a mobile all-weather air defense system that works to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from a distance of 4 km to 70 km (43 miles).

The Iron Dome was initially installed near Beersheba on 27 March 2011 and successfully block the BM-21 grad launch. From Gaza for the first time on April 7, 2011.On March 10, 2012, 90% of rockets launch from Gaza were destroy. Which were landing in populated areas.

Defence Missile

In late 2012, Israel said it would increase the iron dome’s interception range from a maximum of 70 kilometers (43 miles) to 250 kilometers (160 miles). And make it more versatile so that it could simultaneously intercept rockets coming from two directions.

During the second Lebanese war in 2006, the Iron Dome was develop by the firing of rockets on Hezbollah rockets. In that war, about 4,000 rockets were a fire in Haifa and other northern parts of Israel, mostly short-range Katusha-type rockets. About 44 Israeli civilians were kill in the attack and about 250,000 were evacuate to other parts of Israel.

Iron Dome missile system features

Iron Dome has three basic components: detection and tracking radar. A combat management and weapon control system (BMC) and a missile-firing unit (MFU). The radar system was develop by the Israeli defense agency Elta. The control system has been built by mPrest Systems, an Israeli software company.

The missile launched by the Iron Dome’s MFU includes the Tami interceptor missile. It has several steering fins for high technology and has electro-optic sensors. The missile system has day and night and all bad weather capabilities, rapid response times, and interception capabilities. It can cope with the threat of speeding and is also capable of threatening multiple threats at the same time.

Another, a feature of the Iron Dome is a vertical launch interceptor. Warhead and proximity fuse, mobile launcher, and adjusting to different radar and detection systems. And the special warhead of this system makes it easier to explore any target in the air.

After identifying the rocket, the Iron Dome radar monitors its path based on radar data. Analyzes the system’s BMC attack path and fix an expected point. The affected region to destroy the attack-hit rocket in the sky.

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