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Watch Firefly Alpha rocket explode a few minutes after its first launch.

The first orbital launch of Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha rocket led to failure on Thursday night, when the rocket exploded a couple of minutes after flying.

In launch footage, including comments by YouTuber Tim Dodd of the Daily Astronaut. The rocket made an ideal lift-off from the Vandenberg Space Force base in California at around 7pm. PT.

But two and a half minutes later, Alpha suddenly exploded and therefore the mission came to an abrupt end.

About 30 seconds before the failure, when Dodd noticed that the rocket took longer than expected to succeed in supersonic speed. He said that something may need gone wrong. He said: “This might not be excellent. The performance of this car could also be it’ll be slightly worse.”

After the explosion, the 7-year-old Texas aerospace company quickly sent a tweet to verify it.

Its new rocket “has been abnormal during the primary phase of its ascent, causing the rocket to be lost,” adding that it’ll provide more information when it becomes available.

Firefly’s two-stage Alpha rocket is 95 feet (29 meters) high and is meant to launch payloads of up to 2,200 pounds (approximately 1,000 kilograms) into low-Earth orbit.

Including a series of technical and non-technical projects submitted by educational institutions and non-profit organizations around the world.

Although Thursday’s failure was a serious setback for Firefly, such accidents weren’t uncommon within the early test flights.

In fact, Firefly CEO Tom Markusic only admitted last month that Alpha might not be ready to complete the task.

“It’s not uncommon for the primary flight to be abnormal,” he said, adding, “Alpha may be a very simple rocket design, so regardless of what problems we may encounter, we expect it are often resolved relatively quickly. “This business will compete with companies like SpaceX, Rocket Lab and Virgin Orbit.

The company is currently building another rocket called Beta. Earlier this year, NASA awarded a $93 million contract to create a lunar lander called Blue Ghost. Provided scientific and technological payloads to the moon in 1989.

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