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What is Satellite? History about satellite.

Satellite are machines that orbit planets or stars. For example, it is a satellite of the sun as the earth orbits the sun. Similarly, the moon is also a satellite because it orbits our earth. Generally, the term “satellite” refers to a machine that is launch into space and orbits the earth.


In 1957, Soviet Union first launched Sputnik 1 satellite into space. Followed by thousands of artificial or man-made satellites launched from Earth and these satellites have orbited the earth. These satellites take pictures of our planet and send it to meteorologists to help predict. The weather and track the hurricanes. Satellites also take pictures of other planets, the sun, the black hole, dark matter, or distant galaxies.

Through these images, scientists can better research the solar system and the universe. And many of satellites are mainly use specifically for communication. Such as  TV signals and phone calls around the world. In addition, a team of more than 20 satellites develops global positioning systems or GPS. If you have a GPS receiver, you can find your exact location through these satellites.

What is Satellite? History about satellite.

From the satellite, huge areas of the world can be seen as the eyes of a bird. As a result, satellites can collect more data than devices set up on the ground. The earth seen better from space satellite than the telescope slat to be install on Earth. Before the satellite, the TV signal could not reach far away.

Earlier TV signal were sent in straight lines through cables. As a result, the earth’s curve would have been difficult to follow. But currently, with the use of satellites. TV signal are sent into space. And re-sent from there to the other side of the earth. Also, there was a lot of problem calling the phone at a remote place.

What is Satellite? History about satellite.

It was very difficult to install underwater telephone cables to send signals to the distance and it cost a lot. But now with satellite. TV signals and phone call are sent upward through a satellite and immediately. The satellite can send signals back to different parts of the earth.

Parts of a satellite

Each usable artificial satellite has four major parts. One is the energy system (which collects energy from solar or nuclear energy). A system of controlling attitudes, an antenna for sending and receiving information. And a payload for data collection (e.g. camera or particle detector).

Satellite This is basically a self-contained communication system, that receives signals from Earth and sends those signals back to different locations through the use of transponders. And these tasks is performing by using an integrating receiver and transmitter of radio signals.

What is Satellite? History about satellite.

At the time of launch of a satellite, an orbital velocity of up to 28,100 km (17,500 miles) per hour. It can be accelerate during launch and the shock has to be endure. And hostile space environments where extreme temperatures have to be tolerating, which can last up to 20 years. And of all SAT slings have to be lighter. Because the cost of launching a SAT is quite expensive and based on weight. To deal with this problem. SAT are certainly small and light, and durable material.

Satellite Company

Relativity Space

Relativity Space is an American aerospace manufacturing company. It is headquarter in Los Angeles, California. The institute is founding by Tim Ellis and Jordan Nunn in 2015. The company is building the first autonomous rocket factory. The company has built the world’s first fully 3D printed rocket, Teron 1.


Telesat is Canadians flagship satellite company. For the past 50 years, the company has been commercially providing SATcommunication and consulting services. Design to accelerate connectivity, according to the needs of businesses and communities around the world.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a giant American aerospace company. The company uses advanced technology with weapons, defense, security, and global interests. The company employs about 110,000 people worldwide.

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